Be Inspired Group offers a broad range of consulting services to assist and support organisations conduct their business.

  • Niche Health Related Consultancy
  • Business Consultancy
  • Project Delivery

Be Inspired Group offers our core niche services such as embedding Client Centred Care and Chronic Disease Management Systems into organisations, as well as providing broader business services such as Project Management and Business Analysis. We are able to deliver smaller projects end to end including requirements determination, business specifications, system testing, implementation,  developing manuals and other resources, and providing training.

Embedding Client Centred Care and Chronic Disease Management

  • Needs analysis and review of service flow, efficiency and integration
  • Review of existing systems, procedures and tools
  • Consultation with clinicians and front line staff
  • Focus groups with consumers
  • Staff training, coaching and action learning cycles
  • Development of models of care and implementation plans
  • Support for implementation of plans
  • Risk analysis
  • Change management and cultural change

Development of Organisational Resources

  • Clinical assessment forms and care planning tools
  • Decision support tools
  • Guidelines and procedures
  • Educational materials

Development of Resources for Consumers

  • Review of existing resources to ensure appropriate self management principles, and health literacy are incorporated
  • Development of new information leaflets and resource booklets
  • Tools to support clients in understanding services and what to expect
  • Tools to assess and support client self management ability


Be Inspired Group has several ways it can assist with training:

  • Delivery of our existing workshops
  • Delivery of tailored or newly developed workshops
  • Development of training packages
  • Running education sessions
  • Coaching and mentoring

Project Management and Project Assistance

Be Inspired Group can assist or oversee projects where organisations are under resourced or require specialist skills. We can collaborate with stakeholders to plan, manage and implement projects.

Business Analysis

Projects: Be Inspired Group can investigate project requirements in consultation with stakeholders to deliver business specifications. Where projects require changes to Information Technology systems, we can assist with developing technical specifications.

Existing processes: Be Inspired Group can review organisation business processes  to identify areas for improvement including efficiency, reliability and quality.

System Testing

Where projects require testing of outputs, we are able to develop and execute system test plans that ensure the quality of the outputs.