Be Inspired Group aims to to promote health, resilience and well being within our community through a range of innovative services and programs, including:

  • Clinical Occupational therapy services to help people with mental health issues and or chronic conditions to develop skills, enhance function, manage symptoms, and overcome barriers to achieve the life they want.

  • Well-being and Resilience focused group programs

  • Training and consulting to health organisations and clinicians 

Occupational Therapy

Pain Management

Mental Health

Chronic Disease Management

Clinical Consulting Services

  • Be Inspired Group provides occupational therapy service to the NDIS and Return to Work SA. Under NDIS we can only provide services to self-managed and plan managed clients.  We offer face to face sessions at our office or at your home as well as telehealth.


I have been working as an Occupational Therapist for over 20 years.  My experience is predominantly in the areas of chronic disease management and adult mental health.  I have a particular interest in pain management, anxiety and depression. I offer a very individualised and personal service, you are not a number to me, I genuinely want to help you to achieve the life you want.  I am passionate about this work because helping people to improve their lives is very rewarding.  I am a genuine, honest and caring person and it is important for me to work in a way that aligns with my values.   

I offer longer appointments so that there is time for me to really understand your situation and what is important to you.  I also don’t see too many clients each day as I want to be truly present and there for you, and I don’t feel I can do that if I am seeing 8 people in a day and rushing.   I promise to give you my best to help you become your best.  

Feel free to call me if you have any questions and to see if I might be the right fit for you.

 x Amanda 

Amanda Shields

Booking an  Appointment


  Phone: (Office) 08 7112 0349 (Mobile) 0492 999 467


Fax: 08 7070 2597 

For Health Professionals

Looking to Make Change in 2022?


 Project You – Resilience and Wellbeing Course – (for consumers and health workers)

“Project You” is suitable for anyone interested in learning strategies and life skills that build your direction and purpose, increase your self belief, increase your skills in managing your thoughts and feelings, and help you to overcome barriers blocking your ability to make important changes in your life. Whether you are in a good mental space or have room for improvement, this workshop will get you taking action and moving forwards. This workshop is about ” You”