‘Project You’ Testimonials

“Thank you Amanda and Mark for presenting such an interesting and informative set of workshops around positive wellbeing. Your presentation style was warm, encouraging and engaging making all group members feel at ease in participating fully to get the most out of the workshops. I took away lots of practical tools that I’ve been able to implement into my day to day life that have increased my self-awareness and assisted in bringing wellbeing to the forefront of my thinking. I found the Wellbeing Workbook really helpful, easy to understand and easy to implement the strategies to help keep on track. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone with an interest in increasing their personal wellbeing or the wellbeing of others they may work with.”  – Emma

“Thanks for a great session this morning Mark and Amanda. I feel equipped and inspired by your program! Thanks for the toolbox of strategies you gave me, a very worthwhile program to attend!” – Michelle

“Mark and Amanda, Thank you for taking the time to share your ideas and tools to live a fulfilled life.  You both provide a variety of experience to help inspire others to move forward in life and learn to grow from change. Mark, your story particularly resonated with me as I could see so much of me in you.  So much of what you shared about your life and your anxiety and how you have learnt to overcome inspired me to continue along my journey of personal development” – Rachael

Thanks for putting on this course, I got a lot out of it and hope you continue to run them, well done – Christine

Since participating in Be Inspire Groups’  “Project You” course I have confidently revaluated my priorities to improve my wellbeing – Mary

Consulting Testimonials

Arthritis South Australia

Amanda Shields of Be Inspired Group was contracted by Arthritis South Australia to assist as part of a development team engaged to design a pain focused holistic support program for people with musculoskeletal conditions. 

During this project I found that Amanda was able to work within the project brief and adhere to very limited time parameters however her main strength in my opinion was her ability to quickly filter and assess information getting to core elements essential to the project’s success.

I would strongly recommend Amanda to any organisation looking for someone with a high level of creativity, is outcome driven with the ability to quickly analyse project requirements and deliverables.  – Mike Walters, Arthritis SA   

Training Testimonials 

Royal Adelaide Hospital

We organised for Amanda from Be Inspired Group to provide a 1 day “Facilitating Health Behaviour Change” training session to our Chronic Disease Management Clinic Team. The day was well led, the facilitator was very knowledgeable and excellent at engaging the group and keeping it interactive.  

It was a broad group of staff with different experiences and professional backgrounds, but everyone felt included and was brought up to the same page by Amanda, to make it a collective learning experience. The whole team gained a lot out of the session, and they were keen on very quickly having another session to explore some of the other topics which she brought up.

Feedback provided by individuals in the team included:

  • “I thought it was very useful and informative. I like the fact that it was informal and everyone had an equal voice.”
  • “I thought the workshop was run really extremely well, interactive and informative.”
  • “MI group work excellent. Having Amanda come around to our groups and give feedback really helpful”
  • “Some of the tools are very useful – good to have different types as people respond differently”
  • “The discussion sections were useful”
  • “All the training will be useful to our MACS clinic”
  • “I found the worksheets & assessment tools very useful and will be adapting them to my patients”
  • “Great resource folder, & stayed on task despite us going off on tangents”

I would highly recommend this training and Be Inspired Group to other organisations –Dr Sepehr Shakib, Director Clinical Pharmacology, Royal Adelaide Hospital

Facilitating Health Behaviour Change Introduction Workshop Testimonials

“I thoroughly enjoyed the well presented and informative course facilitating health behaviour change. Especially the practical element that gave us an opportunity to practice new communication skills. I would recommend this course to anyone working within clinical health care to give you an insight into some of the communication skills that can be used to make it easier when dealing with more complex clients”             Michael Quinn, Physiotherapist, Southern Cross Care

“Found the main practical session really good.  We had the opportunity to practice the skills whilst exploring an issue that was personally relevant to us.  I found it profound as not only did it help me to learn and practice the skills, I also  personally gained from the experience.”                                                                                                                                          Jane Sweet, Nurse, ACH Group

Other comments from participants about the Workshop

  • “Well presented course, encouraging presenter, good size”“Very knowledgable facilitator, provided good opportunity for interaction”
  • “Thankyou very much, I found it very worthwhile and I am sure I’ll be able to put newly learned skills into practice”
  • “I thought it was very useful and informative. I like the fact that it was informal and everyone had an equal voice.”
  • “The style of presentation, more informal and hands on reinforced learning of concepts well.”
  • “I thought the workshop was run extremely well, interactive and informative.”
  • “Thank you for your time – fantastic day” 
  • “It was really beneficial”
  • “Highly skilled presentation – content, quality + logical development of ideas.  Pitched at relevant level with acknowledgement of skills”
  • “Very interesting and informative”

Facilitating Health Behaviour Change Intermediate Workshop Testimonial

“An excellent workshop for anyone interested in supporting clients to positively Self- Manage  their ongoing health conditions.  It was a workshop full of tools and strategies to assist health professionals build partnerships with clients. I was introduced to a model that gives me confidence to support clients who are choosing to change behaviours

Rosalind Wren, Occupational Therapist, Resthaven

Coaching Testimonials

“Amanda has definitely helped me through my difficult time when I was physically and emotionally unwell.  During her sessions, she provided me with clear and effective guidance after listening and analysing carefully.  By answering her questions, I actually found many answers regarding what I should do and how to deal with issues.  She recommended a range of very useful resources and books so that I could help myself after the sessions.  I have been reading these books for a few months, and I am sure these theories and their application have certainly improved my life in general.  Amanda also contacted me once in a while after her sessions to make sure my progress is ongoing.  She is a very caring and helpful therapist, as she has offered a life-transforming pathway.”   Jade