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Project You – Building Resilience & Wellbeing

“Project You” is suitable for anyone interested in learning strategies and life skills that build your direction and purpose, increase your self belief, increase your skills in managing your thoughts and feelings, and help you to overcome barriers blocking your ability to make important changes in your life. Whether you are in a good mental space or have room for improvement, this workshop will get you taking action and moving forwards. This workshop is about ” You”

Project You“Thanks for a great session this morning Mark and Amanda. I feel equipped and inspired by your program! Thanks for the toolbox of strategies you gave me, a very worthwhile program to attend!”                                                                                –  Michelle

“Project You” is delivered in a supportive and caring environment.  We genuinely want to help you to flourish and we are passionate about helping you to increase your self awareness and learn strategies to take positive control of your life. We recognise everyone is different so we encourage you to experiment and find the strategies that work best for you. The content is delivered in layman common sense terms and draws on a range of psychological frameworks such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, mindfulness and positive psychology.

“Before participating in the course it seemed my life was headed in its own uncontrolled direction and I was struggling to keep up. Mark and Amanda’s realistic attitudes and down to earth approach helped me to overcome this with practical advice and achievable strategies to build my resilience and achieve my goals. Since attending the course I have been able to make small, but significant changes to my life which have helped me to take back control of the direction I am heading in. I have recommended this course to many of my friends and family and encourage anyone who is looking to build their positive wellbeing to attend” – Tina

Course Format

You can attend either or both sessions though it is recommended to do both. You have the option of undertaking skills practice and projects between sessions.  We also have a workbook that contains information and activities.who is awesome

Session 1 – Elements of wellbeing: we look at a range of factors that contribute to how people feel about life. We show you numerous strategies you can use to actively improve the quality of your life and create an environment, attitude and action plan that takes you to where you want to go.

Session 2 – Emotional Health and Behaviour Change: one of the biggest barriers to positive change is the mind. We explore a range of cognitive and emotional strategies to improve the management of your thoughts and feelings. We also help you to create a step by step behaviour change plan for a achieving a goal that is important to you.

“Mark and Amanda, Thank you for taking the time to share your ideas and tools to live a fulfilled life.  You both provide a variety of experience to help inspire others to move forward in life and learn to grow from change. Mark, your story particularly resonated with me as I could see so much of me in you.  So much of what you shared about your life and your anxiety and how you have learnt to overcome inspired me to continue along my journey of personal development” – Rachael


How to Book

Contact us via email: or call 0417 309 061

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We are exceptionally proud of our evaluation results and the feedback we have received from participants (several testimonials on this page with more below). We strive to continually improve the course where we can. Participants that complete both sessions are asked to rate from 1 to 7 various elements of the course.  We have provided the average evaluation score given by participants:

quote 2 Testimonials

“Thank you Amanda and Mark for presenting such an interesting and informative set of workshops around positive wellbeing. Your presentation style was warm, encouraging and engaging making all group members feel at ease in participating fully to get the most out of the workshops. I took away lots of practical tools that I’ve been able to implement into my day to day life that have increased my self-awareness and assisted in bringing wellbeing to the forefront of my thinking. I found the Wellbeing Workbook really helpful, easy to understand and easy to implement the strategies to help keep on track. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone with an interest in increasing their personal wellbeing or the wellbeing of others they may work with.”  – Emma

“Since participating in Be Inspire Groups’  “Project You” course I have confidently revaluated my priorities to improve my wellbeing” – Mary

“Thanks for putting on this course, I got a lot out of it and hope you continue to run them, well done” – Christine

“I have really taken a shift in my life since the course. It has been a roller coaster, but I have been able to self-talk my way through the tough times and remain in a reasonably positive mind set and come out the other end in a more positive light. I have changed jobs and I am investing more in myself. The course made me take check of where I was at in life and how I really am responsible for my  own state of mind and happiness. Thank you.”  – Katie