Be Inspired Group can provide Occupational Therapy Services to NDIS participants that are plan or self managed. Please note we are not a registered NDIS provider so are unable to provide services to participants managed by the NDIA.


The types of participants we work with are those that are:

  • Struggling with chronic pain 
  • Experiencing mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, PTSD and other mood disorders
  • Having difficulties managing their chronic conditions 
  • Struggling with lifestyle issues like smoking, weight management, physical inactivity 

The types of occupational therapy services we can provide include:

  • Assessments
    • General functional ADL assessments 
    • Full Functional assessments with comprehensive reports
    • Sensory assessments and recommendations – Using the Adolescent/Adult Sensory Profile assessment  
    • Cognitive assessments -(eg Allen’s Cognitive Level Screen Assessment)
  • Therapeutic approaches and interventions
    • Chronic pain education 
    • Focused psychological strategies
      • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
      • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
      • Exposure therapy
      • Motivational Interviewing
      • Behavioural activation
      • Mindfulness
    • Virtual Reality Therapy
    • Nature Therapy
    • Sensory Modulation
    • Independent living skills development – building skills and confidence with activities such as
      • Socially interacting
      • Organisation and time management
      • Accessing public transport
      • Cooking
      • Shopping
      • Personal care
      • Leisure
      • Sleep hygiene
    • Health and life coaching 

It is important to select an OT that has the relevant experience and can appropriately meet participant needs,  as OT’s vary widely in the types of services they can offer.  The above information provides an overview of the type of work we do.  Please be aware we do not provide services to children.  We generally don’t see participants with severe intellectual or physical disability as they require specialist services. We also do not assess and prescribe for specialised equipment and home modifications.   

Please feel free to call us and discuss what we can offer.



We recommend that you contact us prior to sending through a referral to make sure we are able to appropriately meet your needs and have capacity.  Fees are charged according to the NDIS Pricing Guide.    Please contact us on 0492 999 467