Pain Management

At Be Inspired Group we understand the complexities of pain and the devastating impact that persistent pain can have on your independence,  function and quality of life.  We can work with you to better understand your pain and to explore a range of strategies for reducing the impact that pain has on your life.  We can help you to take actions towards achieving the life you want, rather than your pain controlling or limiting you.

What is Pain

Pain is defined as an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage (International Association for the Study of Pain).

Acute pain is where the pain lasts only a short time and occurs following injury, trauma, surgery of other conditions.  The pain acts as a warning to the body that there is actual or potential damage and to respond. Generally as the body heals the pain goes away, however in some case this doesn’t happen.

Chronic pain or persistent pain is where the pain persists for longer than 3 months and past the expected time of healing. Chronic pain can be a symptom of another disease or it can also exist without a clear reason at all and be considered a disease in its own right.  This type of pain is often not an indicator of tissue damage but rather a characteristic of a sensitised central nervous system.

Pain is a very individual experience as it affects everyone differently.  The experience of pain and its impact on your life can be influenced by numerous factors including: previous pain events, context the pain occurred in, type of pain, your social situation and culture, your beliefs about pain, other health conditions, your mood, coping strategies, treatments and supports.   The management of pain should therefore be tailored to your unique situation and needs.  It should consider the broad factors which influence pain, as even small changes across a number of areas can make a big difference overall to the impact of pain on your life. 

Painful Facts (Pain Australia)

  • Pain is the most common reason that people seek medical help—yet it remains one of the most neglected and misunderstood areas of healthcare.
  • One in five Australians lives with chronic pain including adolescents and children. This prevalence rises to one in three people over the age of 65.
  • One in five GP consultations involves a patient with chronic pain and almost five percent report severe, disabling chronic pain.
  • The prevalence of chronic pain is projected to increase as Australia’s population ages.
  • One in three Australian adults with severe or very severe pain have high or very high levels of psychological distress. With One in five suffering depression or other mood disorders
Understanding Pain – PainAustralia
Lorimer Moseley TedX – Why things hurt?

Be Inspired Group Pain Management Services 

Be Inspired Group provides individualised occupational therapy services to support people to better manage their pain and improve their quality of life.  We understand the difficulties in managing chronic pain and how much it can impact your entire life. We are aware that it can be difficult accessing good pain management services and finding someone who will take the time to listen and understand your concerns, provide information without all the jargon and will work collaboratively with you to find ways to help improve the quality of your life. 

  • Services are flexible and tailored to meet your individual needs.
  • We can provide face to face sessions from our office in Wynn Vale, or with negotiation these can be conducted at your home or a place of your choosing.
  • Appointments can be booked during the week, or can be negotiated for evenings or weekends.
  • You can choose the frequency of your sessions 
  • Initial appointments are generally around 80 minutes, with subsequent appointments 50-60 minutes in duration.
  • We can accept referrals from a GP for a Mental Health Care Plan, DVA Cycle of care or NDIS.  We also accept clients with private health insurance if OT is covered in your policy.




The costs of sessions will depend on your individual requirements and whether you are eligible for Medicare rebates or private health insurance.  Please contact us for further information

Medicare Rebates

  • Under the Chronic Disease Enhanced Primary Care Program you may also be eligible for medicare rebates if referred to OT by a GP under a team care arrangement.   Those that are eligible can receive up to FIVE rebated sessions per year.  
  • Under the current Better Access to Focussed Psychological Strategies (FPS) through the Medicare Benefits Schedule initiative, patients with a mental health condition are eligible to receive up to TEN individual and TEN group ‘allied mental health’ services per calendar year with an eligible registered occupational therapist, psychologist or social worker.
  • Amanda is an endorsed mental health Occupational therapist registered with Medicare.
  • You may be eligible for Medicare rebates for our services if you:
    1. are a Medicare card holder and
    2. have a referral letter from your GP or Specialist for our services
    3. have obtained a Mental Health Care Plan or Chronic Disease Management Plan from your GP


Be Inspired Group is registered to provide occupational therapy services to eligible DVA card holders.  With rates charged according to the latest DVA fee guidelines.

Private Health Insurance

Private Health Insurance rebates may apply for Occupational Therapy services, although these vary across individual insurers and policies.  Please check your insurance policy to clarify your coverage.


Be Inspired Group can provide services to NDIS participants who are self managed or plan managed, however as we are not a Registered NDIS provider we are unable to provide services to participants managed by the NDIA.   Please contact us if you would like further information regarding the types of services available and rates.