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Strengths Cards

Tapping into and building on your strengths and values can help to increase your health and wellbeing, improve your relationships, increase your performance and help you to achieve your life goals. Strengths Cards are a useful tool for clinicians, coaches, managers, teachers or anyone who is interested in exploring and gaining a better understanding of their strengths.

The Strengths Cards are based on the VIA (Values in Action) Signature Strengths which were developed by Martin Seligman and Christopher Peterson who are well known within the field of positive psychology.   The VIA Signature strengths classification resulted from a three-year dedicated effort involving 55 noted social scientists, who identified 24 character strengths that have been found to be universal characteristics that define what’s best about people.

Each pack includes 24 post card size cards which each have a colourful picture on one side and a description of the signature strength on the other.

Tips for Using Strengths Cards

Strength Cards

Strength Cards

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