Vision Board Workshops

Vision Boards are a visual representation using word and / or images to help you align with what you want.  They help to remind you of your personal vision, and the process of creating a Vision Board helps get you excited and / or focused on your goals. Vision Boards can be used in a wide range of ways to visually represent:

  • The life you want
  • A particular goal or project
  • A corporate vision
  • A reminder of what is important to you

Be Inspired Group can tailor its Vision Boards workshops to a wide range of purposes and audiences.  Generic formats we offer:

  • Kids with a Vision (Year 3 – Year 8 students)
  • Vision Board Workshop (15 years to 100 years old)

Kids with a Vision

This workshop targets Primary School children year 3 – 7. It is two lessons (1.5 hours) and includes personal values & strengths, gratitude, goal setting and combining these into a Vision Statement. Teachers can then oversee children construct their Vision Boards over another 2 – 5 lessons. Supporting documentation is provided for teachers. Read More

Mark's Vision Board

Vision Board Example

Vision Board Workshop

This workshop explores a range of topics including what a Vision Board is, life balance, giving priority to life elements that increase well being, aligning with personal values, utilising personal strengths, recognising and giving value to the wonderful things in life, setting realistic and achievable goals, managing setbacks and turning dreams into realistic goals.

Vision Board Example

Vision Board Example