Do you find it challenging working with clients who seem unmotivated and reluctant to change? 

This interactive workshop consolidates and builds on topics covered in the Facilitating Health Behaviour Change Workshop – Introduction. It explores a range of strategies and skills that you can add to your repertoire,  to engage and empower your clients in achieving lasting behaviour and lifestyle changes.

Workshop Objectives

Additional Information

This workshop is based on the ‘Change MAkER Model, that has been developed in response to participant feedback at similar workshops over the last 2 years and aims to provide a logical approach that people can easily remember, understand and flexibly apply within their work settings. The model includes five key elements for sustainable behaviour change, how to assess these, how to work with clients to build these elements, and a range of practical tools, assessment forms and strategies to help clinicians follow this model and be a more effective “Change Maker”



Attendance at the Facilitating Health Behaviour Change workshop – Introduction, or other relevant training in motivational interviewing or client centred practice.


Full Day – 8:45am to 4:30pm

Upcoming Workshop Details

This workshop can be run on demand and if necessary tailored to your organisational needs.  Please express your interest by emailing or calling us.



“An excellent workshop for anyone interested in supporting clients to positively Self- Manage  their ongoing health conditions.  It was a workshop full of tools and strategies to assist health professionals build partnerships with clients. I was introduced to a model that gives me confidence to support clients who are choosing to change behaviours

Rosalind Wren, Occupational Therapist, Resthaven